February 2002 – Ella is welcomed into the world

very small baby ella new born

I guess as good a place as any to start this blog is with Ella’s birth.   Ella was born on 18th February 2002 and was another surprise little girl (I find it extraordinary that so few people have ‘surprises’ anymore).  I was one of two girls and always imagined having the same, but never in a million years, did I think I would be lucky enough to have two daughters.  Around 7 and a half months earlier, I had excitedly shared the news that Al and I were expecting another baby, to a special friend and neighbour who I will call ‘Cecilia’ …

It is poignant to say that ‘Cecilia’ was the first person outside of our immediate family to know that Ella was on the way, and also the last of our friends to see her alive, being that she was with us as Ella took her last breaths.  As Ella slipped away from us, ‘Cecilia’ slipped quietly away to leave us to mourn our loss.  I will tell you more about this friend in another post.

Anyhow, back to 18th February 2002 – after a weekend of niggling labour twinges, I finally had my waters broken at 7pm on the Monday evening, and Ella arrived swiftly just 2 and a quarter hours later.  She was born at Queen Charlotte’s Hospital and I ‘enjoyed’ the perfect water-birth I hoped for but had missed out on with my first born M.

To say I was shocked she was another girl was an understatement.   I remember looking at Al and apologising as I was convinced he wanted a son, but of course Al didn’t mind a bit.  I was just completely chuffed as it really was my absolute preference to  to have two little girls.  That’s not to say I wouldn’t have wanted a son – if I could have had another child I’d have been very happy to have a boy… and indeed, Ella particularly, always asked if she could have a baby brother.

It was also wonderful to have my mum with me thanks to the fact we had the most amazing nanny, P, who stayed at home with M while Al and my mum, B, accompanied me through the labour and birth.

Despite a terrifying scare the day after she was born (I will blog about this separately another time) all turned out well and we came home from hospital a few days later.   I felt blessed and truly happy.  M loved her little sister, and I felt very relaxed with this new baby, and was enjoying every moment of being at home with my family, given that I was used to working long hours in a very pressured job in PR.

I had two gorgeous children, a loving partner, a beautiful home, fantastic family and friends, and as a partner in the business, I had no worries regards loss of income during my maternity leave.   I loved my job and was keen to get back but all in good time.  I had a four month break ahead.   LIFE WAS GOOD!


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