I have been meaning to start this blog for a long time now.  Ever since our daughter, Ella became ill.   It’s a long story and over the course of time, I intend to share the details and memories, the highs and lows of life with our beautiful daughter Ella.  From the time she was born, through to her diagnosis with an incurable brain tumour, her fight to recover and the devastation of knowing we would lose her.

Ella passed away on September 7th 2013 – she was eleven and a half years old.   We are now trying to come to terms with the events of the past two years and facing up to living out our lives without her.

Ella was an incredible child. It is not unusual that that children who have short lives, seem to have some extra special qualities and somehow, manage to live the life they have to the full.  I have this urge to document as many memories of her life as possible, so that we can look back and remember her life as if it was yesterday.

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A few days after Ella passed away, I was looking for her bracelets and found some sweet little glass ‘pebbles’ in the pocket of her bag. At the time I had no idea where they came from and assumed one of her lovely friends had perhaps given them to her.

One had the word Live, another had the word Laugh, and there was also a heart.   I lined them up on my hand…..  LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE…

We found out at Ella’s funeral that the pebbles had been given to her by her Physiotherapist, Farshideh – a wonderful lady who always made Ella happy despite making her work hard.

It’s a really simple message, but one that is so easy to remember and live by.  It’s clear that Ella did her very best to Live her short life with Laughter and Love.

There is no better way to honour and remember her, than by living by these words ourselves – and this, we are trying to do.

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